"Ultreya" is a Latin word that means: "Forward, always forward!" This motto reflects the joy of encouraging and encouraging the trainees. The Ultreya is a jubilee meeting broader than group meetings, "It is the Meeting of Friendship Groups." There you live and coexist with the same atmosphere of Cursillo. At Ultreya, cursillistas from different groups come together to share their joy to strengthen communion among themselves, share their spiritual experiences and encourage each other in their Christian and apostolic journey.

In summary, Ultreya is a key component in the Christianity Cursillo movement, it is a means of perseverance, to 'make Church, strengthening groups of Christians who live Grace in a conscious and growing way, who leave the Gospel fermenting in their environments.


Los Angeles

Every 4th Saturday of the month. Visit our social media sites for updated locations.

St. John Vianny

Time: 7:00pm

Beatitudes of Our Lord.

Time: 7:00pm

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