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What is the Cursillo Movement?

The Cursillo Movement is a lay movement within the Catholic Church that shares the fundamentals of being a Christian as an individual and in unity. The Cursillo helps those that are baptized have the knowledge and conviction to live their faith more deeply and actively in their daily lives.

Cursillos In Christianity means: "Short course in Christianity." The heart of the Cursillo lies in living the three day experience, making it possible to have a deep encounter with oneself, with God and with others. Different talks are shared on various topics given by priests, deacons and laypersons which deal with life, the Catholic faith and a method to bring Christ into the modern world.

"Cursillo is an instrument raised up by God for the proclamation of the gospel in our time."

Saint John Paul II

What is the purpose of Cursillo?

The purpose of the Cursillo Movement is to encourage Catholics to live their faith more deeply and actively in their daily lives. Forming small Christian communities in their neighborhoods, parishes, work and other places where they live the greater part of their lives. The movement also encourages the formation of small friendship groups to come together to be better friends and to form, strengthen and persevere a life in grace.

Cursillo Weekend

The Cursillo Weekend is the central phase of the Cursillo Movement. It is a profound 3-day experience of a personal encounter with oneself, with Christ and with others.

During the Cursillo weekend basic Christian beliefs and truths are reviewed. The weekend is the first introduction for many people to the power of genuine Christian community.

Interested in Living a Cursillo?


Make a Friend

The Pre-Cursillo is the initial phase of the Cursillo Movement. It is the search, selection, preparation and motivation for the candidates who will attend a Cursillo Weekend.


Bring a Friend to Christ.

The Post-Cursillo is the third phase of the Cursillo Movement. With a method to work together to bring other men and women to know and experience the love of Christ.

Interested in Living a Cursillo?

God is always looking forward to meeting you.

Upcoming Cursillos

Make a Friend. Be a Friend. Bring a Friend to Christ.

October 10-13, 2024

Men's Cursillo Weekend

Cursillo House

1233 E. Kingsley Avenue, Pomona, CA 91767

October 17-20, 2024

Women's Cursillo Weekend

Cursillo House

1233 E. Kingsley Avenue, Pomona, CA 91767

What Cursillos Has Been For Me...


Mike | Cursillista

“Cursillos for me have been an experience that I will never forget in my life and it has made me feel that Christ truly walks by my side.”


Angie | Cursillista

“For me, living a Cursillo in Christianity was a growth in faith. “It was knowing Jesus more deeply.”

About Us

The Cursillo Movement of the Los Angeles Archdiocese

Cursillos in Christianity is an apostolic movement of the Roman Catholic Church. It was founded in Mallorca, Spain by a group of lay people in 1944, led by Eduardo Bonnin. The Cursillo focuses on showing lay Christians how to become effective Christian leaders over the course of a three-day weekend. The weekend includes fifteen talks, some given by priests and others by lay people. These talks are called “rollos”. In a more complete sense, Cursillo is an experience of people brought together in a small community for Christ to promote their growth in grace and intensify their ability to be his witnesses in the world.

In the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the Cursillo is offered in:

English, Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese.

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