Dear friends, Christ and the Los Angeles English Cursillo Movement are counting on you!

We need your financial support to meet Cursillo’s yearly expense of approximately $50,000. We ask the Cursillo community for your financial gift and/or to participate in the following Fundraisers which will allow us to continue to invite others to Christ.

As in all things that are of God, throughout our effort we encountered many challenges and difficulties.

But, as we say in Cursillos, with God we can achieve all things, because “Christ and I, an overwhelming majority.”

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Cursillo Weekend Costs (Spring & Fall)

Includes the facility fee, cleaning fee, supplies, food, and stipends.

Operational Cost

Includes but is not limited to the Sacristy supplies, Spiritual Director’s stipend, monthly maintenance of the Website, Annual Fees for the P.O.Box, and Regional and National dues.

Fundraiser Reserve

Includes base expenses for the annual Tea Time with Friends fundraiser and other fundraisers, and hall rental/deposits.