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The Purpose of sponsoring

The purpose of sponsoring is to make a friend, be a friend, and bring your friend to Christ. Friendship is the essence and foundation of Cursillo! Sponsoring also includes the selection and preparation of those friends who can influence their environments (their moveable square meter) through friendship.

Understanding the Precursillo

The sponsor needs to understand that making friends and preparing a friend for the Three Day Cursillo and Postcursillo is part of the Precursillo.

Every apostolic plan, and therefore, everything in the work of Cursillo, must be: Prayed For and Planned.

  1. The Precursillo (Sponsoring) Requires Prayer
    The first step is to place the Precursillo, the candidates, and our apostolic action in the hands of the Lord. Prayer must prevail over all the activities of the Precursillo. The sponsor must solicit prayers from his or her Group Reunion, the Ultreya, and other Cursillo leaders.

  1. The Precursillo (Sponsoring) Requires Planning
    Experience tells us that in 3-4 months, there is enough time for personal contact with the potential candidate. This way, when the Three-Day Cursillo approaches, all the candidates have had one or more meetings with his or her sponsor.


  1. The sponsor should know the applicant well enough to act responsibly in recommending Cursillo to them.

  2. An adult Catholic (18+) who is emotionally mature to understand the message

  3. The sponsor should be sensitive to the candidate’s emotional makeup. Because of the close community life of the three-day experience, someone who is known to have difficulty in emotional or stressful situations or with interpersonal relationships might find the weekend too trying an experience. Examples including those undergoing marital separation, a recent loss of a loved one, or severe depression should be considered at a future time, when they would be less encumbered emotionally.

  4. Since this is a Catholic weekend, ideally, the candidate should also be a baptized Catholic. The Cursillo experience is to deepen one’s understanding of the Catholic faith and one’s personal relationship with Jesus. Mass will be offered, the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be available, and other Catholic faith traditions will be practiced.

  5. The current cost of the weekend is $120.00 which includes a $20.00 non-refundable deposit. The deposit must accompany the application.

*A candidate’s application can be emailed to or mailed to the Pre-Cursillo Chair, P.O.  Box 90454, City of Industry, Ca 91715 with the $20.00 deposit (with check payments made to: Cursillos in Christianity)

  1. Please note that once the candidate is dropped off, any outstanding balance will be due at this time. Please ensure check, cash, or credit card is provided to pay for the outstanding balance. If the sponsor is covering the cost of the weekend, the sponsor should communicate to the candidate that the weekend is covered. Otherwise, if the candidate will be covering the cost of the weekend, the sponsor will ensure that the candidate is aware of the outstanding balance and to bring the proper payment.


Pre-Cursillo Duties of the Sponsor
  1. Providing his or her friend with the necessary information about the Three Day Cursillo.  We must move away from the mindset that we will spoil a candidate’s Cursillo experience if we tell them about it.  Go over the booklet called What is it? with your candidate. It can be purchased on the National website or you can contact me by email at
  2. Informing his or her friend about Post Cursillo, the 4th Day, which will help them to persevere in his conversion process and motivate them to live what is fundamental to being Christian in their environments.
  3. In some cases, it may be practical to take the candidate to an Ultreya
  4. Married Couples: In the case where both, husband and wife, are eligible and both agree to attend a Three Day Cursillo, then both should be prepared.
  5. In the case of one spouse not attending, it is important to speak to the spouse not attending so that you can be sure they are at peace with their spouse’s decision to attend the weekend. The attending spouse is likely to undergo a change and it is important that surprise at such a transformation does not de-stabilize a marriage.
Cursillo Weekend Duties of the Sponsor
  1. Every candidate must have a dedicated sponsor. The role of the sponsor is important before, during, and after the Cursillo weekend. Team members serving on the candidate’s Cursillo weekend, we suggest you find a co-sponsor, another member of the Cursillo community. The co-sponsor that is not working the team will have the responsibilities as outlined below.
  2. A sponsor/co-sponsor is to provide the candidate with transportation to and from the weekend. The candidate should not drive to the Cursillo House on their own. At the same time, the sponsor/co-sponsor is to accompany the candidate into the weekend facility and help make the candidate feel comfortable.
  3. Sponsor/co-spsonsor continue doing palanca for your candidate and invite the family to write palanca and mark the envelope with the day you want your candidate to receive.
  4. Participate in Holy Hour (Friday evening) All night adoration (Saturday at 11pm), Mananitas at 5:45am, and the closing at 3:30pm.
  5. The sponsor/co-sponsor is to be available to the candidate’s family during the three days of Cursillo.  The goal is for the candidate to stay focused on their weekend and not be concerned what is happening at home.
Post-Cursillo Duties of the Sponsor
  1. The sponsor will assist the candidate in attending the Post Cursillo, Grand Ultreaya and offer to help finding or forming a Group Reunion (4th Day or Friendship Group). The 4th Day Group and Ultreya are keys to persevering and keeping the fire with Christ and the Community alive, which began on the Three Days.
  2. Encourage your candidate to continue his/her education through School of Leaders
  3. Keep in close contact with your candidate and encourage them to persevere in their 4th day.

The Cursillo Movement uses the unique method of friendship to help people discover that God loves them and to bring them into a relationship with self, Christ, and others in three days. Inviting a person to the Three Day Cursillo should not depend on our desire but the will and the freedom of the person.

Sponsoring should be considered an opportunity, not an obligation! Christ is counting on you!